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All That We Destroy Review- What’s a Mom to Do?

All That We Destroy- A Performance. So I know I’ve been gone for a while. I’m sorry. But I have a great but spoilery review of Into the Dark’s newest installment: All That We Destroy. First though, a little song. All That We Destroyblack girl movie reviewhorror movieHuluINto the Darkmovie reviewspoilers

Top 5 Underrated 90’s Teen Horror Movies

I’m sure I’ve talked a little about my love for slasher movies, but another specific subgenre that I’m pretty obsessed (that sometimes overlaps with slashers) with is 90’s teen horror movies. I think part of it is because I’m a 90’s baby. I grew up loving the fashion, the slang, and the overall aesthetic of…

Castle Rock

Castle Rock has been on my “Must Watch” list ever since HULU first premiered the trailer for its original series back in late October of 2017. Black protagonist? Horror/Thriller? Stephen King? SHAWSHANK? Count me in! I put it in my queue then forgot about it until about a week before its premiere date. Andre HollandBill…