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2018: Where All The Horror Movies At?

Listen to teri.zin and Jessica talk about horror movies in 2018? Is that Vogue article right? Did horror go down the drain? Or maybe some people weren’t looking hard enough?   A Quiet PlaceBlack Peopleblack twitterblack womenHereditaryhorror 2018horror movieNetflixShudder

Horror in Anime: Berserk

Anime is an obsession of mine. It’s a relatively recent one since I watched my first anime series, Attack on Titan, only a year ago, but since then I’ve been insatiable. If you watch anime, then you know that there is something out there for everyone. You like magical girls that save the world? Got…

Good Manners Gives Me Good Vibes

Werewolves have always gotten the shit end of the stick in the realm of monsters. They’re not as sexy or glamorous as vampires. They don’t have that haunting creepy element that ghosts have. And though I would argue that lycanism has a certain element of possession to it, they aren’t as threateningly sinister as demons…