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My Need for Superman in the Coronavirus Era

I know this isn’t like my usual blog post. Superman? Coronavirus era? This has nothing to do with horror unless you’re counting the horrors of the reality we’re all living in right now. And our reality is horrific. Empty grocery shelves. People knocking over grandmas for toilet paper. A complete evil clown-show of a government.…

The Haunting of Hill House Review (Spoilers)

I know that I’m gonna get side eyes for writing this. I know that. But I have to be honest and honestly, The Haunting of Hill House (2018) was overhyped and extremely lacking. Lacking a satisfying ending, lacking a rich backstory for the house. Just—lacking. black girl movie reviewhorrorNetflixShirley JacksonThe Haunting of Hill Housetv review

Castle Rock

Castle Rock has been on my “Must Watch” list ever since HULU first premiered the trailer for its original series back in late October of 2017. Black protagonist? Horror/Thriller? Stephen King? SHAWSHANK? Count me in! I put it in my queue then forgot about it until about a week before its premiere date. Andre HollandBill…