Twisted Anatomy Review

Sci-Fi & Scary has put together a body horror anthology for the ages with Twisted Anatomy. Any horror fan, body, or otherwise will find something to enjoy.

I’m not always good with body horror. It’s one of those genres I have to take on a case-by-case basis. I can watch Teeth (2007) and The Thing (1982) just fine, but if someone threatens to turn on The Fly (1986), I’m leaving the room. Maybe the house. Even if I live there. There’s just something about losing control of one’s body that is terrifying. The idea of morphing into something oozing and slimy, or growing things in places they shouldn’t be, of bones twisting and contorting into impossible angles, it’s all terrifying, and Twisted Anatomy has it all in droves.

cover art for Twisted Anatomy

The stories in this anthology will scare you, delight you, disgust you, leave you angry at the outcome, leave you satisfied, leave you wanting more. Everything you could want in any horror anthology is in here, just way bloodier and grotesque. There’s something for everyone in this carefully curated collection: a woman with an issue of blood, a morbid fairytale re-telling, a girl with an insatiable hunger, and teeth! So many teeth!

With a foreword by Laurel Hightower and edited by the Sci-Fi & Scary team, the table of contents is home to renowned horror authors like Red Lagoe, R.J. Joseph, Cynthia Pelayo, Sara Tantlinger, and many more.

Visceral, captivating, and beautifully bloody. Twisted Anatomy adds an abundantly gory, diverse, and entrancing anthology to the body horror subgenre.

I definitely recommend you pick up a copy, just don’t read it after any large meals.

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