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After I posted my first blog entry, I realized that I didn’t establish my ethos for writing or horror. For those of you who didn’t pay attention in English Composition, this means I gave you no reason to trust or believe anything I say about the subject(s) I’m writing about. Why should you listen to anything I say about storytelling, horror movies, or anything at all.

Well, that is what this post will be about. I’m going to give you a little bio about me and history about my relationship with the horror genre.

Who Am I? The Slasher Dem Suga


Norman Bates, Frankenstein, Nosferatu, Michael Meyers, Jigsaw
Horror Icons

I like to tell people that the first time I watched a horror movie was when I was in fourth grade. I’d heard some kids talking about Freddy Krueger.

“He’s the scariest.”

“I can’t watch that movie. It gives me nightmares.”

This immediately sparked my interest and when I saw that Nightmare on Elm Street 2 was coming on late one night, I stayed up and snuck to the tv room with the volume way down and watched it. I wasn’t scared. Actually, I was thoroughly entertained. Freddy was hilarious. Yeah, his face took a little getting over, but his personality was A1.

Yeah, that’s the story I usually tell people, and the story itself is true, but it’s wasn’t my first intro to horror.


Sippy Cups and Vampires

baby meThis memory is super old and not very detailed, but I remember a time when I was really little like maybe three or four. My mom used to fall asleep watching old black and white movies late at night in the tv room. I was supposed to be in bed at this time of night, but I have distinct memories of standing behind my sleeping mother with a sippy cup watching Dracula, Frankenstein, and the 1960’s classic The Brides of Dracula.

I remember drinking from my sippy cup, wide eyed, watching Peter Cushing brand his vampire bite and purify it with holy water, shifting my weight from one foot to the other ready to race back to my room the second my mother woke up.

Peter Cushing Burns Himself

My adrenaline was always up, both from the movies and from the threat of being caught out of bed after my bedtime. They’re good memories.


Horror Here, Horror There, Horror Everywhere

From there, I think I was always on the hunt for good horror movies. At first, I just liked being scared. Then it turned into, can they scare me? Now, I have a true and deep appreciation for the genre itself.

This blog will be where I talk about horror movies, books, and everything else relating to the genre. Sometimes the blog post will be a review sometimes an analysis, sometimes I just want to shout out something cool going on in the world of horror.

At times I’ll also be talking about the horrible representation of women of color, especially black women, in horror. I’ll also point you toward some awesome movies and ones to steer clear of.


Why I Know What the F%@k I’m Talking About

Some of my more boring credentials include:

An MFA in Creative Writing, so I basically have a degree that says know about storytelling, form, and structure.

I’ve watched well over 1000 horror movies. Not that I’ve counted them personally, but just taking into account the age I started and the fact that I go on binges of certain subgenres…yeah that number has to be over 1000.

Horror Movie Collage
I’ve seen nearly every movie in this poster


I write horror.  I have a publication if you want to check it out: “Mama Tulu.


A friend and I had a podcast about horror. Monsters and Villains was short lived but not because my co-hosts and I didn’t love what we were doing, but just because we all moved away.

Check out an episode here.


My favorite picture of myself EVER is the one where I’m wearing a Hanibal Lecter mask and attacking my friend, Natasha at a Halloween party in undergrad.

Fav pic of me


Some other relevant stuff:

I’m in my late twenties. I love writing. I’m of Jamaican descent. I love Paramore and if you don’t you can leave right now (lol jk still subscribe I just won’t value your opinion).

cute af!


Anyway, I hope you stick around and subscribe to my blog. I plan to eventually start a Youtube channel once I figure out how to edit videos.


Have a movie you want me to review? Leave the title and where to watch it in the comments. If you like what you read here, check out my other articles and leave a tip using the Ko-fi button on the sidebar.

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